A party in the works

Two months to Z’s 5th birthday, we had decided that we would hold a party for him. Every year I said I did not want to hold a party for him, every year I relented when I looked into his earnest and excited expression.

The older he got, the more anticipation he held. We had started a terrible trend and habit.

Thankfully, every year we scaled back a little bit. So much so that this year, Z was happy to invite only 5 friends. Mr H explained to me that it was the celebration the boy was keen on, not the scale and complexity of the party. Given so, we would be trying our hand at a DIY party. Rain or shine, it would be held on home ground and we would be capping the number of guests.

We would have to, especially since X’s party would happen 3 weeks after Z’s. If possible, we would like to recycle the theme!

2 responses to “A party in the works

  1. it’s so hard to say no, but I love your sensible way of scaling it back each year and not blowing up the expectations further!

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