Children’s Day

A day to celebrate children, to remember their happy smiles, carefree days and how precious they are.

X’s school was opened on Children’s day. I had been hesitant about sending X in but given that there would be a picnic lunch party with his friends, I let X attend school for the morning. He was dressed to the nines and donned a random party hat which I found at home.

The widest grinIMG_7334.JPG


The picnic lunch which I haphazardly put togetherIMG_7331.JPG

Unfortunately, he was not sharing the same sentiment when I dropped him off at school. Poor boy did not understand why Z & I were leaving him behind. Thankfully, I heard that he bounced back to his high spirits rather fast.

Meanwhile, I brought Z to my friend’s place who prepared a lot of ingredients for the her children and Z to make prata pizzas and cake pops!IMG_7344.JPG

Cakes, ready for chocolate coatingIMG_7354.JPG

At the same time, the kids got to spread the ingredients on their on ‘prata’ like a pizza. My friend had superbly ingenious ideas.IMG_7345.JPG

Z’s prata pizzaIMG_7349.JPG

After a sumptuous lunch which my friend cooked (of salad, chicken wings, meatballs and more!) and more playing, the cake pops were ready for their secondary layer of coating. They really loved to roll their cake pops in the rainbow bits.IMG_7355.JPG


Initially, Z had not been so enthusiastic with making the cake pops but when he got to the last stage of coating with rainbow rice, he was visibly more excited and involved with the process. We had plans to go Polliwogs after the baking session but he was enjoying himself so much that we stayed on.

Subsequently, I also picked X up to join the older kids.

The funny antics they got up to (and mess) when drinking ribenaIMG_7379.JPG


We had a dinner date at Great World City to wrap up the day where both boys continued to have crazy fun with their diaper friend. IMG_7395.JPG


Being a child was so much fun. It did not have to be children’s day for them to be so happy. Perhaps it was more of a happy day for adults because we got to take leave and spend the day with them.

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