Farmers’ Market – Singapore edition

When my friend shared with me about a Singapore Farmers’ Market open house over the long weekend (4-5 Oct), I did not know what to really expect. Given that it was at Kranji Countryside and near my parents’ place, we popped down at 5pm. We drove past the Kranji Reservoir enroute to the farm which was located at Neo Tiew Crescent.

At the entrance IMG_7487.JPG


We were impressed by the facilities and offerings. It was more than a farm. There were villas, bistro, event space and more!

The actual marketplace was pretty impressive too.

I never knew there was locally made jams! The dragon fruit & lychee jam was fabulous but sold out when we reached. It was $4 for a small jar and $10 for a large jar. We bought a tiny jar of pineapple jam to relieve days of CNY pineapple tarts.IMG_7468.JPG


We also came across a locally made nut butter. I was too busy tasting and forgot to snap a shot of the booth but it was by this company called The Hunters’ Kitchenette. They had a flavour “Hazelnut with Cocoa” which was a healthier and less sweet version of Nutella. Z loved this and given that I still had a large jar of Nutella at home, I had to give this a miss for now. You could keep it up to 6 months and had to finish within 3 months’ of opening it.

Cute farming premiums on saleIMG_7485.JPG

Local honey produceIMG_7484.JPG

Wheat grass produce – and there was a wheat grass soy pudding which Z insisted on getting. IMG_7486.JPG

X was touching a frog from Jurong Frog Farm IMG_7464.JPG

We also got to check out the villas inside the farm. It could only sleep 2 persons per villa. There was an event villa and 3 lodging villas. Each costs $350 to book but the folks at Gardenasia mentioned that there would be package prices for group bookings or events. I thought it looked a little like Bali sans the sea.IMG_7489.JPG

All in all, it was a fun event and we did end up buying some locally grown vegetables and mushrooms.IMG_7463.JPG


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