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A sight word

When I realised ‘Disney’ was a sight word without any form of teaching or guidance from us, my jaw dropped.

How amazing and deeply this word had been imprinted on the young minds.

This was especially when the boy had problem remembering ‘the’, ‘if’ and other simpler words. It showed the relevance was critical in retention, or should I say – selective retention.

Toy Ball

On the day we sneaked out to watch a movie without X, I felt so guilty. We were at Great World City and I chanced upon this toy ball which I thought was so awesome. It came in several sizes and the 5″ version was perfect for young children, even for Z’s age.

It was light, bounced very well (and high), had grip lines all over and was beautifully printed. Mr H thought I was crazy to want to buy another ball for the boys.

However, it was so easy to handle that you could dribble effortless like a basketball. The grip lines also made it easier to catch. Most interestingly, the ball was not very round, so it could bounce off in unexpected directions too.

I thought it was a good practise ball to train the boys up on their ball sense.

Hence, it was retailing at $18.90 at Mother Works. Check out the cute prints from here.

And it was a hit with X, he loved it so much that both boys played with each other for hours. Even I liked playing this ball with the boys!

Personalised Calendars

Recently, I made a few personalised calendars from this website.

This website was an extension of my uncle’s existing printing business and according to my mom, my cousin’s brainchild. My mom passed me a handful of coupons to make personalised calendars. In specific, she told me to make one for her and the rest was for my deployment.

The good thing was I did not have to download any software to my MacBook! It was already at its max storage capacity. The website was fairly easy to navigate and I signed up for an account with ease. I had the option to upload photos from Instagram, Facebook or hard drive. Since I hardly uploaded high quality photos to my Facebook, I had to rely on uploading from hard drive.

In order to estimate how many photos I needed for the calendar, I checked the available templates. There were 4-5 templates per style. Thankfully, my cousin suggested a template for me, so that narrowed the selection time and shortened the process. I opted for landscape ‘chalkboard’ design which was crisp, simple and elegant.

There were options to key in your own special dates, to add clip arts, borders and more. I could also select public holidays by countries in this region such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and more. Unfortunately, I was really busy and did not have the patience to design my own layout. Hence, I was especially thankful for the readily available templates. It was really easy to plonk in the pictures and in less than 15 minutes, I was ready to submit for printing.

The end product!


Soccer school decided


With scooting, cycling and swimming in the bag, there were a few more sports to work on. Soccer was one such sport, namely because Mr H loved the sport and Z was influenced too.

A team sport was a good way to instill sense of learning through routine and discipline. We scoured high and low for a suitable soccer school. Z tried First Kick Academy, Espzen and ISA before I found one with such an impressive coach that despite the distance, even Mr H had to oblige me.

I was impressed by the drills, the footwork training, the attitude and how the coach kept the adrenaline pumping for the entire 90 minutes of the class. He was firm and yet, patient with all the U6 monkeys. He even knew at which instant the boys got distracted. He was adamant about making sure Z did the drill correctly.

On a frivolous note, the soccer class took place on a gorgeous and expensive grass pitch which was really, really hard to find. In all those times when I played touch rugby, we were never allowed to play on such turf for fear that the studs on the soccer boots would destroy the grass. Even Mr H concur on the quality of the turf.

Passing the freestyle test

Towards the end of the first term with Swimfast, there was a test at the 9th class. Thankfully, Z had pulled his socks up with respect to being serious if the time called for it and passed the test. He had commenced his backstrokes class and had demonstrated a whiff bit of it.

Once again, it proved the point on how well if he would if he paid attention to what was required of him.

At Swimfast, it would have taken most kids two years to clear the basic foundation (BF) and basic swim class (SK1). The kids would then move to Freestyle class (SK2), then Backstroke class (SK3) and more.

However, he gained a head start with Aqua Ducks and shaved off the learning period by more than half. He had been able to swim independently 7 months into the class (as he turned 4 years’ old). Aqua Ducks, while not the best school for strokes, gifted us with a water confident boy. When he joined Swimfast, he was placed into SK2 right away.

He had his off days when he was not swimming right and was almost demoted. We made him understand that he could not always fool around like when he was at Aqua Ducks. Thankfully he pulled his socks up and was promoted to the next level, instead of being ‘demoted’. You could hardly tell that this was the same boy who had to be threatened with withdrawal from swimming school weeks earlier! Of course, Mr H ensured regular practice on top of the weekly lessons.

What an awesome present 3 months before his actual birthday!

It coincided with a movie treat to catch Disney Planes.


Boundless energies

Our boys have such high energy levels that it seems almost impossible to exhaust.

Xav does not nap sufficiently on weekends. It is almost impossible to get him to nap with so many activities going on. He takes a power nap of less than 30min and can trudge on to complete the day.

A few weeks ago, we brought Z to a new soccer school to try the class. It was a 9-1030am slot. X had woken up at 8am for breakfast and to tag along for the trial class.


We had a brunch date at the kids friendly and awesomely serviced Anthesis cafe. The prawn capelini was divine!





They also served very authentic iced chocolate with real chocolate bits. We let the boys scooted up and down the riverwalk though I half-envisioned one of them to fall into the river.

We returned home for swimming and play. It was supposed to be rest as X had concussed in the car after brunch. However, after a power nap, his engine was revving to go again.

It was Polliwogs where X had a ball of a time flying down the steep slides.


Only at 715pm did we call it a day and had dinner at Grandma restaurant. It struck me that X really took after me in this aspect, so I guessed I had found my match.

Wallet for Z

A month ago, we bought a wallet for Z.


I wanted him to learn the value of money deeper, what the money in his wallet could get him, a sense of responsibility and to be able to manage his tiny pool of money. It would help him when he entered Primary 1 too.

I would be training him to record his expenses if he took money out of wallet. I supposed if I started before he turned 5, it would nurture a good accounting habit.

I nearly wanted to do a credit debit sort of recording but I simplified to this.


While I knew this did not look very kiddish, I believed Z would comprehend this system.

Inevitably, he would get to practise math too. 😂