Day 5 – Hobart

This was definitely the most challenging day in my entire itinerary. We had a 830am domestic flight to catch and Healesville was an hour’s drive from the airport. It meant we dressed the kids in the day’s outfit instead of pyjamas for sleepwear. Furthermore, the kids were playing so much the previous night that they went to bed at almost midnight.

It was definitely tiring for Mr H & I because we had to wake up at 5am! I cooked porridge while Mr H packed up the remaining bits of luggage. We woke the kids at 530am for light breakfast and headed off for the airport by 6am. The kids were so groggy that they continued to sleep in the car.

It was a blissful, quiet & uneventful drive to the airport. The drive took an hour. We were almost reaching the airport and then we panicked about where to refill petrol for the car. Hertz had this policy where you had to refill the fuel tank within 15km of the return point. I searched for the nearest petrol station with the GPS and picked the wrong option which led us to a Natural Gas pump station. There were roadworks in the airport area and the GPS was not very updated in guiding us. Eventually, we followed the road signs and found a BP petrol station which was right next to the airport.

The check in was smooth and in no time, we were having a proper breakfast in the waiting area. The kids and I had Krispy Kreme doughnuts while Mr H tucked into his Hungry Jacks. The kids enjoyed the scene overlooking the runway and pretty much stayed in their seats.


Enjoying the view

The domestic flight was an hour. We picked up our rental car from Hertz and the lady was exceedingly sweet to give us a map too.

It was half past ten, so we popped down to TAS Live abalone. I had forgotten that it was closed on weekends! We were very lucky to bump into the boss who gave us a personal tour. The canned abalone was $33 and the vacuum packed ones were pricier. The former was black lip abalone while the latter were green lip abalone. We paid $60++ for 200g ones.

After that, we headed to Barilla Oysters Bay which was directly opposite the airport. We ordered a dozen oysters, fish & chips, mussels, calamari and kid’s seafood pasta. The food was great and I especially enjoyed the oysters in different sauces.






We were staying at Wyndham Seven Miles Vacation Resort which was opposite Barilla Bay Oysters. As the villa was ready, we checked in at 1pm. I was impressed with how new, clean and spacious the 2-bedroom with a full sized kitchen and living room was. It was only $369 for 2 nights.

The villa



We headed off to the famed Salamanca Market which only operated till 3pm. It was a pleasant surprise to see Bridestowe Lavender farm having a stall there. Their prices were so much cheaper than Warrantina Lavender farm. That being said, it was about 30% pricier if you were to pick up their goods from souvenir shops.

Hanging out

Playing at the park in front of Parliament HouseIMG_8020.JPG

It was really cold and we decided to check out the Battery Point which overlooked the harbour. The roads in Hobart went up and down in straight lines. Bundled with the cold strong winds from the sea, it resembled San Francisco.

The houses at Battery Point were so pretty like English cottages. There were beautiful blooms around the estate. We chanced upon a cafe at the peak of the estate. It was crowded and after peeking at what they had, and trying the decadent offerings, we could understand why. The pies, tarts, cakes, desserts and drinks were delicious.

Tea time at Jackman & McRossIMG_8023.JPG

After tea, we headed to the Tasmanian museum. We were most impressed with the detailed history of Tasmania. It was called Van Dieman’s land initially. The history was a brutally sad one with many aboriginals wiped out by the whites.

There were other interesting exhibits such as vintage posters, time capsules and more artifacts.

Tasmanian MuseumIMG_8024.JPG

It had been quite a long day so we headed to Sandy Bay’s Woolworth to buy a roast chicken and precooked pasta. It was a good decision because it was so cold that we did not want to stay out late. It helped that the villa was so spacious and the kids really enjoyed running about.

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