Day 7 – Richmond/Sorell/Freycinet/Bicheno

We set off for Richmond at 830am. It was 30min away. Upon reaching Richmond, it was such a little pretty & historic town that it reminded me of Stratford Upon Avon in UK.

The older buildings were in yellow sandstone. We checked out the Richmond Goal and famous Richmond Bridge. Z asked how it was possible that the prisoners could build such a beautiful bridge so long ago.

The Richmond BridgeIMG_8102.JPG

The oldest operating Chapel in AustraliaIMG_8113.JPG

After Richmond, we drove over to Sorell fruit farm. It cost $8 for an adult and $3.50 for a child to pick strawberries. Late Oct was the season for strawberries. Had we come later, it would be the season for cherries.

At the strawberry lanesIMG_8118.JPG


Mr H & X sat out on this because we had a recent strawberry picking experience in Korea and mainly because, X was sleeping

The weather was erratic and rained suddenly. We were done with our picking and returned to the farm. We ordered the waffles with ice cream.IMG_8122.JPG

It was so good that X kept asking for more helpingsIMG_8124.JPG

Merchandise at Sorell Fruit FarmIMG_8119.JPG

Interesting sauce… (it cost $14 at Sorell and $8 at Eureka farm!)IMG_8115.JPG

Interesting jams such as TayberryIMG_8121.JPG

The quaint fruit farmIMG_8127.JPG

We continued the drive to Freycinet Marine Farm. It was a long drive away. The road was winding, long and the lack of coastal scenery made the 2 hours’ drive feel longer than it was. It was pretty winding, so much so that X kept crying. After 15 minutes, I suspected that he was car sick and prepped a plastic bag. I was right. After 10 minutes, he vomited a little and was calmer after that.

We had a late lunch at Freycinet Marine Farm. It was more like a shack but we were happy with the selection.

Fresh oysters ($15), Calamari ($15), Oysters baked in kilpatrick style ($20), Scallops with bread roll ($15)IMG_8133.JPG


We ended up buying some fresh scallops with the intention of cooking scallops porridge for the boys’ dinner.

Many, many fresh scallops at $11

From lunch, we drove to Freycinet National Park. We decided to skip the 1.5hours return walk to the Wineglass Bay lookout. The weather was erratic and we did not want to be caught in the rain, on steep slopes with 2 kids. The nice folks at the Marine Farm had suggested that we visit Cape Tourville instead.

We checked out Sleepy Bay on the drive up to Cape Tourville.

From the boardwalk at Cape TourvilleIMG_8142.JPG

It was an easy 15min boardwalk which we took an hour to finish because we were taking photos, admiring the view and going round in circles after X. It was so windy that I thought I would be blown off the boardwalk. I had to keep my hat on so that my hair would not fly in all directions.

It was 530pm when we were done with and drove over to Bicheno’s Diamond Island Resort.

The room was nice and the owners were very hospital

The little owners, Ella & Mia, were very friendly and came by to play with Z too. I liked how open (yet enclosed) the field was and how there was a trampoline with the playground too.

We headed out to Sea Life Centre (5 minutes’ drive) for dinner.IMG_8164.JPG

Seafood platter for 1 at $30IMG_8165.JPG

Pasta, $20IMG_8166.JPGWe managed to return in time by 8pm to wait out for the penguins to return to their rookery. We saw 11 penguins before calling it a night. It was simply too freezing to stay outdoors.



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