X’s PTM (end 2014)

We had X’s PTM some time ago.

He was considered relatively new to the class as he had only spent 4 months in playgroup.

He was known to be a good eater when he was not cranky. He had been in a rather bad mood of late and we could hardly blame him. He was teething and had loose stools which even caused a diaper rash. His teachers were very understanding on that.

He was very sociable and played with al his friends. His class size had grown to 7 persons. He was a good playmate and would not hit another child even if they had bullied him. However, he would run to the teachers and pointed the culprit out to them. The teachers liked the fact that he did not take matters into his own hands and start a fight. I reckoned our consistent reminders at home worked.

Z & X had been trained from the start that they should not use fists to settle any disputes . The former should empathize the latter’s weakness while the latter should respect the former’s “seniority”.

When X misbehaved in school, he would give his teachers a cheeky, knowing and sweet smile. With that, he would usually get out of trouble.

X had also continued to exhibit interest in music and dance. During his free time, he would actually pick out a book and flip the pages. That was so different from Z.

I should be interested in some form of music classes for X, something fun and rhythmic as opposed to formal music training. Any suggestions?

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