Growing tantrums

If there was a growth spurt for breaking into tantrums, that was what we had been going through. Inconsolable moments triggered by nothingness. There was a Saturday morning when X woke up and cried the entire morning away. There were intermittent breaks but the gist was there.

As problem solvers, we thought hard on how we would like to crack this puzzle.

What didn’t work:
1. Giving in
2. Stooping down to his height and talking to him gently
3. Pretending to throw a tantrum like him (Distracting him)
4. Finally understanding what he wanted

What worked:
1. Playing with water

Lesson learnt and reiterated – A problem could not be solved at the level it was created at.

2 responses to “Growing tantrums

  1. Growing tantrums sigh.. It has recently been quite testing our patience.

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