The weekend for us

A typical weekend for us would be soccer class on Saturday morning. We would usually head out after Z’s soccer and that would be around 1130am. A Saturday afternoon was always short lived. There would usually be a birthday party, some shopping and presto, it would be dinner with the family or friends.

On Sundays, sometimes we would have brunch/dim sum dates or if we chose to laze at home, we would bring the kids down to the pool. The part time help would be over too. Out of 4 Sundays, one of the Sundays would be dedicated to facial and manicure/pedicure.

By afternoon, Z would go for swimming at 3-4pm. After which, we either run errands, go for afternoon tea, shop or meet some friends. For the last few weeks, it was to shop for Z’s party stuffs.

Sunday evenings were wrapped up with dinner at my parents’ place. With that, a weekend would be gone in a flash. I suspected the lessons took up significant time in a weekend. I missed having the flexibility of planning cycling to East Coast Park or even to Bishan Park for that matter.

For the upcoming year, I would probably shift Z’s swimming class to a later slot.

We would continue with soccer, not because Z was a prodigy, but because it built stamina and instilled a sense of discipline. I liked how it toughened him up and would be helpful in going to primary school.

As for swimming, we would like him to continue till he cleared all the strokes he had to know.

Meanwhile, X would turn 2 in a few weeks’ time. We were looking to start him on swimming in 2016 July because Z had started at that age too. The routine for 2015 should be largely the same as 2014, unless we could find some music based lessons for X. We were quite happy that Z had mastered cycling and scooting on 2-wheels. We were thinking of letting him learn rollerblading. I could almost see the kids’ learning roadmap plotted against our weekends.

In terms of holidays, there would be a cruise in Jan and a trip to Bali in February at the moment. What laid beyond, we had yet to establish.

Come 2016 when Z would start on primary school and X to started N1, it should be quite chaotic.

Recapping our typical weekend in 2014, envisioning the next year of weekends and possibly the next, next year of weekends, did someone say parenting was life-changing? πŸ˜‚

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