Our 2014 in summary

2014 was a year about happy family time.

In a blink, another year had gone by. For us, the turn of a year was more definitive than ever because we would end the year with Z’s birthday and commence the new year with X’s birthday. To be honest, it seemed all too fast to us.

It was at the start of this year when we celebrated X’s first birthday. It coincided with the changing to a new job. 2014 was a refreshing year. There was much more to learn but I was also blessed with more time for family. With more time for family, we taught Z how to read, how to scoot on a 2-wheeler and how to cycle without the training wheels.

This was also the year where we saw Z’s babyish looks disappear. This transformation was also a reflection of his maturity. He was a full fledged K1-er and there was a really marked difference. We had many quality conversations, and we taught him how to continually try and thrive. We taught him to always put in his best efforts and gave him lots of time to play.

At the same time, X was growing into a toddler. We had funny moments, we had frustrating moments but his cute acts would grow on us. We were also finally unlocking the key to his terrible twos, though he had yet to turn 2. I loved his babyish-toddlerly looks. I loved how he would scream “Mummy” both in excitement and bossiness.

This year, we brought the boys to Bali, Korea, Malaysia’s Legoland and Australia. We created these special travel memories for the boys to grow up with and for family bonding.

In this year, we had also been able to spend more time with family, friends and even made new friends from work and community.

I had to thank 2014 for blessing us with a year of health, love, safety and happiness for  our family and friends. I hoped that 2015 would be a wonderful and blessed year.

I hope to have more time on my hands in 2015. With the boys being older, probably less of a handful or I assumed, and lower learning curve in my job as compared to freshly embarking on it, perhaps we could find the chance to help other people in our own ways. I also hoped we could guide Z to become a better boy than he is, to be able to give X undivided attention more and to jet off somewhere with Mr H for a 2-persons’ holiday.

P.S: We had never travelled for leisure without the kids.

Anyhow, here’s to a Happy 2015 to all, especially to my friends who were expecting Jubilee babies!

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