Me vs X – one of the many rounds

One morning, X pointed to a bottle of Pokka straight red tea. This was right after the day where he opted to pour away the tea from the cup when I refused to give him the whole bottle.

He looked like he was on the verge of a meltdown on a Monday morning when we were rushing to school and work. He even tiptoed and plucked his “trophy” from the kitchen table top. I had every intention of letting him win this battle.

I lowered myself to his height and told him, “I can’t let you have this but why don’t I give you something better?” He paused and looked at me. At this point, I knew I had his full attention. I rummaged the kitchen drawer and offered him a box of Pocky sticks.

He looked very pleased with the offer. I asked him if we could exchange and he nodded happily. We had averted a meltdown.

I must say I had been very impressed with my toddler’s level of integrity. It was not like he took the Pocky and still insisted on having the bottle of Pokka red straight tea.

Enjoying his new “trophy”



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