Kampong spirit today


When I was growing up, my best memories were of playing with my neighbors who lived in the same block. We used to play “catching” and “hide and seek” all over the block. I also recalled learning how to cycle in the main corridor.

I was sure Mr H’s childhood memories were equally fun in the old neighborhood of Tiong Bahru. He even shared fondly of the times he used to take a trishaw to school with a few other neighbors from his nanny’s place.

That explained why we recognized the important of play during childhood. When else would be the best time to play? I also recognized the importance of having regular playmates. We had been blessed with nice neighbors who had kids around Z’s age too.

They played in the evenings, they played on weekend mornings, they swam, they scooted, they popped in and out of the houses, they celebrated Halloween, they celebrated Christmas, they watched lion dance performances, they lohei-ed together and more. We might not be living in a kampong but the spirit of community was strong.

Above all, I was thankful how they bonded and might possibly be gifting each other with beautiful childhood memories.

The picture was of the recent Christmas party and there was a movie date amongst the kids for the next day. What fun times our kids had grown up in, how precious these carefree times were. May Z and X grew up to remember these happy days.

2 responses to “Kampong spirit today

  1. such a community is such a hard thing to come by these days! lots of doors are closed once the family gets home..

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