Our epic day out on Christmas Day

Despite going to bed really late the night before, everyone was bright and chirpily awake by 9am. We had yet to decide on what to eat for breakfast and which present to open first when Mr H proposed to catch a movie in the morning.

It sounded like a good idea so we hastily washed up and got to Shaw Lido cinema to buy movie tickets to “Night at the Museum”. The show was at 1050am so we had a leisure breakfast at McDonalds but we were also disappointed to find out that they did not serve breakfast options at that branch!

Happy eaters nonetheless


The movie went relatively well but some scenes scared X. He also got restless towards the last ten minutes which was really good by usual standard.

It was Christmas Day so there were a lot of people in town. We took the chance to take photos with the festive decor.





We also chanced upon free magnum ice cream giveaway outside Ion, how awesome!




We took the kids to lunch at TCC, then let them hung out on the Orchard road itself.



We headed over to Gardens By the Bay for the Yuletide festive decor. I also got annual passes for the 3 of us. Thanks to the promotion and a kind lady, we managed to get these at 50% off!


Guess we would be checking out the gardens more regularly in future!

Inside the flower dome





It was very crowded in both conservatories. We had wanted to try the Skywalk but the queue was so long that we decided to do it on other days.

It was Z’s actual birthday after all. We headed to Tunglok Seafood restaurant at Orchard Centeal for dinner with the family.







Another cake for the blessed boy



That summed up the very long, happy and merry day.

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