Turning 8

On this day, we would celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.

I still had vivid memories of the proposal at Merchant Court Hotel, the wedding day at Shangri-la and through the good and bad days that we shared.

It did not seem too long ago when Mohd Sultan was populated with the likes of Madam Wong, Double O and many more clubs. Likewise, it did not seem too long ago when we used to spend the weekends partying, playing sports and go on road trips. These days, our weekends were made up of family breakfasts, playing with the kids and doing everything possible under the sun as opposed to under the moon.

Marriage was not as happily ever after as fairy tales had been. Movies and cartoons glamorized marriages. They only focus up till the wedding day, leaving the audience much bewildered as to what would follow next.

A wedding day was a celebration of the union, a marriage was a symbol of dedication, commitment and hard work by the couple. We had our fair share of ups and downs. Thankfully by now, we knew how to deal with each other’s quirkiness, uniqueness or some would call it difference. We also shared the same lifelong goals of giving the best, in love and care, to our family.

As our marriage stood today in its 8th anniversary, we were proud parents to 2 lovely boys. We gave them the most precious commodity – our time. Little would we expect to play the leading caregiving roles to these little rascals who took after us in features and characters one way or other. The basis for a happy family was a happy marriage and the basis for a happy marriage would be lifelong companions who cared and loved each other more than themselves.

So here was to many more happy years to us.

Mr H, Happy 8th wedding anniversary and to more good food, travels, health, happiness, H and love!

2 responses to “Turning 8

  1. wow 8 years! happy anniversary! 🙂

  2. Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary to you and yr Hubby!

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