Thread count

Some time ago, Z had requested for smooth bedsheets like ours, nevermind that it would be plain.

When I saw a friend’s child’s bedsheets which were really soft and smooth, I asked where we could get that. A few days later, I checked out the departmental store. There were a few options.

Angry birds design – 400 thread count
Transformer design – 370 thread count
Madagascar design – 400 thread count

Z was inclined towards the Transformer design but I commented that it felt a little stiffer and it had lesser thread counts. Z deliberated for so long that I left it to Mr H to sort it out with him.

When we regrouped, he was holding on to the Madagascar sheets. I asked Mr H,”How did you get him to choose this? I thought he was so firm on getting the Transformer sheets”

“I didn’t do anything. He decided himself because he wanted softer bedsheets and only chose from the 400 thread count options.”

I was impressed that he was more practical than stubborn.

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