Bali day 1 #postdated

The long weekend of CNY was too attractive not to plan a short getaway. The day before, Z told me that CNY visiting was so tiring that he really looked forward to a holiday for a good rest. I did stare at him, ponder a bit and laughed.

Our family trip comprised of 6 adults and 3 children, to Bali. We took at 0650h flight which meant our family arranged for a mini bus to fetch us at 415am to the airport. Recalling how late we got home from visiting the previously, it was no easy feat getting up in the morning. Mr H opted to stay up instead.

At the airport early in the morning

We scored a really pretty villa from Airbnb. It was called Villa Sanook in Seminyak. We paid S$650 a night for a 4-bedroom villa because there was some Amex promotion and we had received very good discount. Otherwise, you could use my discount code (wpeng23) for an introductory discount of $32. As we had booked 4 nights at the villa, the host was very kind to offer free transfer from and to the airport.

Checking out the villa

Z explored the villa and picked up the flowers

Pool facing room

X at the pavilion

The deck chairs for suntanning

One of the ensuite bathrooms

After settling down in the villa, we headed out to Sardine for lunch.

X was more interested in the snack bag which he had filled with CNY sweets from the day before

Rounding off the meal with a dessert tasting plate which was superb as usual

Too bad it was raining, so we could not walk out to the paddy fields

Gramps & the kids

Z & his cousin

Post lunch, all the adults rested at the villa and my kids headed for the pool. It was amazing that Z did such a great job of looking after X, with us supervising from the side, that X was totally comfortable in the float by himself.

Poolside snacking

For dinner, we headed to Warung Made where they served great Indonesian cuisine. My favourite was gado gado, satay and even the chicken porridge! The other dishes were pretty good too. There was a Balinese Dance performance which intrigued the kids.

Post dinner, we went to Bintang supermarket to buy drinks, chips and toys. We even bought some cartoon DVDs for the kids to watch at the villa.

2 responses to “Bali day 1 #postdated

  1. Awesome-looking Villa! The desserts are making me very hungry hahah

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