Bali day 2 #postdated

When we got up in the morning, the villa manager and cook had reached. They were so warm and hospitable.

Tea & coffee

Breakfast was ready

Raring to go

At 9am, we were done with breakfast and was ready to head out for some touring. We had not toured Bali when we visited last year because X had been too much of a handful to handle in the car. I had booked this driver after reading recommendations in a local forum. He was always early, really nice and helpful. I had initially booked his services for 2 days but I extended his services to 3 days. We used a minibus which could sit up to 12-15 persons. Though there was only 9 of us, I felt that it would be easier for all of us if the kids had room to move around, especially for long rides and jams.

His contact was

We headed up to Ubud. On the way there, he brought us to a coffee plantation and we reached Ibu Oka by 12pm for lunch. They were famous for suckling pigs. I always wondered why pork were sold in Bali and was informed that the religion of most Balinese was Hinduism. That explained all the intricate looking costumes, Balinese dances, carvings on the buildings and yoga! Silly me!

Anyway, the food at Ibu Oka was not very kids’ friendly except for the white rice and mixed vegetables soup. Their famous Ibu Oka rice sets only included 1 slice of crispy pork skin. When we wanted to order more, we were told that it was sold out. Well, it was definitely worth ordering an additional plate of crispy pork skin.

We visited the Monkey Forest. It was supposed to be 5 minutes’ drive away but there were so many vehicles that it took us 30min to get there. We were impressed that we were able to see so many monkeys up front and personal. One thing to note was to not have food in your bags. One of the monkeys pounced and tried to grab Mr H’s backpack which gave X such a fright.

We subsequently teased X and told him that he should ‘roar’ as a dragon instead since he was born in the year of dragon.

Every time the monkey came too close to him, we asked, “What should a dragon do?”

He would ‘ROAR’ but when he saw the monkeys, he would whisper ‘roar’. Hilarious!

After Monkey Forest, we visited the Ubud Kingdom (ruins of an old palace) and the nearby Ubud Market. Ubud was a great place to shop with so many handicrafts and colourful shops! It almost made me wish that we were staying overnight in Ubud because we wasted so much time on traffic jams.

Though some handicrafts were sold throughout Bali, Ubud offered an extensive range of souvenirs which were so pretty. We bought what we could find in the short span of time.

We had to leave Ubud by 4pm in order to return to Seminyak for dinner. We had wanted to eat at Naughty Nuri’s. It was 630pm when we reached Sunset Boulevard. Given the earlier lunch at Ibu Oka which was not so kids’ friendly and the worry about a long wait at Nuri’s, we decided to stop at Sushi Tei for dinner. The kids were happy to have sushi, udon and soup.

The driver dropped us off at the villa at 8pm. Thereafter, Mr H got the villa’s security guard to drive him out on the scooter to buy the pork ribs back. Whee!

The ribs were a tad spicy due to the pepper. Apart from Z who took a few bites, the two younger toddlers did not eat. Anyhow, I thought it was a lot more comfortable to tuck into the pork ribs in the comforts of the clean and air-conditioned villa.

While we had our supper, the kids were lounging in front of the TV and enjoying the stash of DVDs bought the night before.

3 responses to “Bali day 2 #postdated

  1. I really loved the Nuri ribs, and Lewis loved them too! he had a few by himself, very much to our surprise!

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