Bali day 3 #postdated

We opted for local breakfast and the nasi goreng as well as mee goreng tasted so good! As usual, the driver was already waiting for us at 9am. The plan for the day was to check out a series of beaches.

He drove us to Tanjung Benoa where sea sports were played. The kids were impressed with the parasailing activities they saw onsite. However, we were not really keen to try those and were recommended to take the boat ride to Turtle Island.

It was the first time Z took a boat on open seas and had salt water spraying onto his face whenever the ride turned bumpy. It was quite an experience because when the boat reached the island, you would be sure to get your feet wet as you had to step onto the shore.

On the turtle island, the staff were friendly and encouraged us to pet and take photos with the animals. I thought the most interesting animal we got to see was a bat!!!!

When the bat stretched open its wings, we explained to Z that was how the batman logo came about.

After the Turtle Island, we returned to the mainland and headed off to Padawan Beach. It was a newly developed beach with the whitest sand and bluest sea seen. We had to pay for entry to this beach. We were not logistically prepared but boy, this was a really good beach for the kids to play at. The waves were gentle and the beach was so clean. There was a row of ‘eateries’ and we tried the pork satay which came highly recommended by the driver. It was $2 for 7 sticks and a very big ketupat.

Chilling out to the sea view

The gorgeous beach

After the beach, we headed to a local outlet store where we picked up souvenirs and clothes at amazing prices of $1-$4 per item. The shop was called Karung Kurnia and they sold many items similar to what we would see on the streets of Ubud and Seminyak. To my surprise, their retail prices was already cheaper than Ubud and even post haggling prices. According to the driver, this was a local outlet store and few foreign tourists would know or visit. I had to agree because when I ran a google search, only results in Bahasa were returned. I bought lots of slippers ($2 per pair) which were sold at $5 on the streets, clothes and more.

It was a 15 minutes’ ride to the famous Jimbaran beach for dinner. To be honest, I thought the food at Jimbaran beach was average but it was the experience of sitting on the beach, tucking in under the stars and fireworks which rendered it a tad special.

It was 9pm++ when we finished dinner and did some grocery shopping at Papaya. We headed back to the villa with tons of snacks!

Here was X, all bathed and up to funny antics.

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