Festivities and traditions 

In the lead up to the Year of Goat, our little household had little to prepare. Z welcomed his first Yusheng with gusto but only to lose steam when we had 5 yushengs in one weekend. Lohei was a fun activity where we got to say all fun and auspicious greetings. Z played a role in the greetings too. His favorite was 开门大吉.

Of all the yushengs we had, the one from Jumbo was my favorite.

A sheep Mascot to go with this year’s lion dance

One of the CNY traditions was a mega Lohei at my aunt’s place on Chu Yi

With so much work on the plate (or maybe even if I weren’t busy), I only packed the red packets on Chu Xi after the kids had gone to bed. I had a penchant for pink angpows!

The Disney ones were for Z & X.

Though we did not usually have guests over, I still prepped CNY snacks for standby and for the boys to enjoy the fanfare. Z loved the Kobe Fugetsudo snacks that I tended to buy over CNY. He liked it so much that he asked me to buy during non-CNY period but I rejected his suggestion, citing that it would make CNY more special. I also loved the cheese butter cookies that my mom would buy and the butter crackers that she made. Last year, Joce also recommended this pineapple tarts from Bedok which was so good that I had not looked back since. I would also stocked CNY macarons and bakes from Joy’s Baking & Co.

Featuring some of the many yushengs consumed this period

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