Uniquely Singapore – Like clockwork

When I used to work with regional counterparts, I recalled some commented that Singaporeans were overbearing to work with. We had pressing deadlines, we were particular about details and we were insistent on results, and never failed to request for contingency plans. When the news broke earlier in the week, I had been affected to the extent of going to work with swollen eyes. My friends and I were sharing our grief through whatsapp but we still went to work.

We still had our reports to write, emails to clear and deadlines to meet. It was a major event for Singaporeans but everything still moved like clockwork.
What was more impressive was how the organizing team stepped up to extend the hours for the public to pay respects to Mr Lee, how they improved the process on the ground, how they had created a priority queue, how orderly Singaporeans had been and how kind the businesses in the area had been too.

When we went to the Parliament House, no matter how long hours the team had worked, they were always warm and polite. For once, for a rarity, there were few keyboard warriors. It was a welcomed change. There was no one stomping people. Everyone was helpful, kind and thoughtful. We always had a good heart but we had been poor at showing that. We had no excuses for the poor show of compassion, be it due to hectic schedules or stress. I hoped this could be the start of a caring society.

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