A grateful note from school

For the past week, as zealous as I had been in catching up on newsfeed on Facebook, eulogies, tributes and watching the special programmes on Mr Lee, I had been recounting as much as I could to Z.

I printed simple stories from the web to read to Z. We sat through the documentaries and I answered as many of his questions as I could. Z actually had been banned from watching television programmes but in view of the enriching information, we had allowed him to camp in front of the TV for as long as the documentaries and news run.

Some people felt that children were too young to understand and did not need to pay their respect at Parliament House. Though there was probably information overload, the trip down helped Z to learn. We obviously had not thought so much on what he could absorb.

On Friday evening, when we picked Z up from school, his teacher thanked us for sharing so much information about Mr Lee. It helped her in teaching the kids. He was the only child in class who understood and asked many questions which kept the “lesson” engaging for the rest of the children.

When Z saw the car decal, he got very excited too; because even he knew it was a symbol of remembrance.  

X, our 2-year old toddler, recognized the symbol too. When he saw the simple black ribbon on my nails, he pointed ever so excitedly too.

While X might not understand appreciation for the great man at this point, I was glad that my 5++ year old did. 

It struck me that had I not been a mother and an immediate family unit of my own, I might have not been able to appreciate all that he had done for us. We worried more, we wanted to protect our children and we wanted the best for them. With our sense of awareness of the environment and anxiety heightened, it made us feel thankful that we could bring our children up safely. 

We had something to defend, we would protect our home. 

How right he was, on many counts; including the one that having children was more satisfying than having a Phd. 

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