A closure to the mourning

Beautiful eulogies, on most parts, were said.

Tears fell when we were reminded of the humane side of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He was a leader of the country but he was also a father and a grandfather. As many said, there would always be a gap in our lives. It was our loss but he was finally united with Mrs Lee. We should find solace in this knowledge.

We could never thank him enough. I was very touched when X uttered ‘thank you’ alongside with Ms Cassandra Chew. At this tender age, he knew what mattered to us.

It had been a long time since we recited our pledge or sang the national anthem. I did not understand their true meanings till now.

We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.


It was the very first time I said the pledge with conviction and tears.

Even with Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s departure, he taught us the most important lesson in National Education. It was far more powerful than any of the NE exhibition, NE tours that we had been on as students.

Gratitude and appreciation had been much said.

We lost a great man but we received an important lesson and reminder. We should always treasure Singapore, regardless of the good and bad that came with it.

Z had seen the outpouring of grief, both from us and the TV. He asked a genuine question. One which Mr H had thought was rude but one which, as an afterthought, was asked in the right spirit. His question was, “Why are we so sad that Mr Lee Kuan Yew has died? We have another Prime Minister.”

He did not mean it as a malicious question. We explained we grieved because he had done so much for Singapore. From Z’s perspective, he was more concerned about Mr Lee Hsien Loong. He believed that our current Prime Minister would do as well as our founding Prime Minister. You could tell that this boy had thought a lot because at night, he told us, “Mummy, I want to make a card for Mr Lee Hsien Loong. He has lost his father so he must be very sad. I will draw his family and him in the card. When I finish the card, can you help me to pass to him? What is his company’s name? Where is his office?”

Children were indeed more progressive and forward thinking. They had moved on, more concerned about the future and we should look to doing our part for the future too.

One response to “A closure to the mourning

  1. Z is such a sweet, sweet child. :*)

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