Monthly Archives: April 2015

Hanging out on a weekday

There was a day when Mr H and I were on leave. We had a leisure afternoon with the kids. We had a movie after lunch, so the boys were clad in jackets.

They put the hoodies up and tried to act cool.


We were too early for movie and tried Milk and Honey. I had mistaken it for Korea’s Milk and Honey. It was actually a parfait version of milk yoghurt. It was not too bad because it was done up so prettily and the yoghurt was milkish instead of sour. However, it was quite pricey at almost $10 a glass. I would preferred Sogurt to this any time.


X peered at the yoghurt curiously


We watched Ah Boys to Men III and X was sufficiently captivated to pay attention through the entire movie!

Posing with a new movie display stand

C for clock

We believed X learned about letter C in school. He developed a sudden interest in clocks and even started to climb up and down to look for something.

He climbed all over the kitchen table top and settled for Z’s watch.

We made him return to Z but noticed the interest persisted. Thankfully, his grandparents had bought him a Mickey Mouse watch recently. We dug the watch out and he was really pleased to wear it.

He wore it at home.

He wore it to school.

He wore it to bed.

He even wanted to wear it to bathe.

Hence, we suspected that it was due to learning in school.

Sentimental over a fridge


After a good 8++ years, we had outgrown the fridge and had no choice but to upgrade to a larger fridge. Mr H called this our matrimonal fridge.

On the day before the new fridge came, Mr H removed all the fridge magnets which set both Z and I in a sentimental mood. I actually gave the fridge a hug because I was so sad to see it go! Even Z gave the fridge a hug too.

We took photos with this dear fridge of ours. 

It would have cost us nothing to dispose of the fridge. However, it was still working fine so we chose to give it away and pay for the transportation charge. Mr H wondered at my decision to donate and pay versus to dispose.

I explained that I would like our fridge to enjoy its functioning days with a family than to be sitting at a disposal centre. You know I definitely watched too much of Toy Story but it gave me comfort to know that it would be used and hopefully loved by another family. 

Goodbye, fridge!  

Kids’ run


We had signed up the boys for this. Our close friend who had been bringing their kids for the Cold Storage Kids Run sang praises about this event.

While it was not a competitive run, it exposed the kids to the element of a race where they would achieve the sense of achievement upon completion.

Now that X was 2, both boys could go for their respective “runs” which would probably be quite fun. The next thing to do was to pray for good weather!

Making soft serve cream

A few months ago, X was gifted this tool where if you freeze the ice cream cup holder, it could turn chilled thick cream into ice cream. We had speculoos spread at home and use it for the first soft serve cream experience. The second time, we used Manuka honey.

The instructions were easy enough to follow but we could not achieve the desired ice cream effect. However, the boys still enjoyed the fun in “making” and “devouring” their soft serve cream in this cute container.