The lesson I learnt instead 

I was sharing this with Z one day. At the end of it, he agreed that there were less fortunate people who had lesser access to opportunities.

The next thing he asked was,”What if you hold the dustbin?”

His question threw a new perspective. I mean, obviously the person who held the dustbin was a game changer and the rules of the games would be changed.

I explained to Z who the game changers could be. They could be inventors who changed how things were used or done, they could be creators like Steve Jobs or they could be politicians who supported enablement and equality.

As an after thought, I could develop so many answers. However, I had been so fixated in the paradigm that it did not occur to me that someone could actually hold the dustbin.

My son’s mind was so much more brilliant than mine. It kind of made me wonder who was the teacher was. I learned and gained more than him in this instance.

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