Facebook’s memories of the day function

Since Facebook started putting memories of the day across the various years, I had been much amused and truly marveled at the time before I became a mother to seeing the boys grow up through the years.

26 april 2009 – This was my last mega party before I discovered I was probably 3 weeks’ pregnant and fretted over the alcohol consumed    

26 april 2012 – When Z was almost 2.5 years old, exactly one month before I discovered that I was pregnant with X. This was how cute Z was at that time too.  

26 April 2013 – This was before we flew off to London and Paris during my extended maternity leave. 

Testing out the wardrobe and putting on Korean autumn/winter fashion – how I missed his chubby cheeks and little tum tum  
Trained from young


What my maternity days had been about – babysitting X and training him to hold his neck up   

April 26 2014 – enough said   
The day he mastered the art of wearing flip flops


When they went to the water park at Gardens by the bay and Z had to provide the on ground babysitting 

We ended the day with ice cream and that had been somewhat the start to a tradition of hanging out with the kids for “late night” ice cream   

If only iPhone could sort photos by the day of the year they were taken, how awesome to have a mini walk down the memory lane.

2 responses to “Facebook’s memories of the day function

  1. I love timehop for the same reason!

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