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A kind mummy

Z asked this in a very innocent way. He asked if I could be a kinder mummy. To which, I questioned what he meant by kinder.

I asked if he should be disciplined or scolded when he did wrong things or should I tolerate his misbehavior. He thought about it and agreed that he had committed deeds deserving of scoldings.

I explained that I would usually ask him nicely at least 3 times before I scolded him. It was a matter of whether he listened to me. He seemed to concur because these days, whenever I had to wake him from bed, I would remind him I was asking nicely and he would sit up quickly.

Even X had started to show his preference for Mr H, now that I had become more firm with him. Well, someone got to play the bad guy.

Feeding by chopsticks 

Over the lunar new year, if there was a skill that X picked up, it was the use of chopsticks. He displayed such a fine use of the chopsticks to feed himself fried vermicelli that it amused us.

He was mostly successful but a little messy at times.

He was using adult-sized chopsticks for that count.

Good job, X!

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Following the cue

There was a night when I made the kids drink up their pao sheng. X was not a fan of that but I cited that Z had no problem drinking. Z finished promptly and X had to follow suit.

Later, when I let Z drink his usual fresh milk, X requested for the same drink. Through his gestures, he was trying to show that he should be given the same treatment. I had to oblige and pour a little fresh milk for him.

X – 1, Mummy – 1. Fair fight.

Holiday booked

To our family’s surprise, I initiated a mid-year holiday. I had expected work to be busy but with some changes to the year’s plan, I found myself a pocket of free period to travel. The children were ecstatic, as usual.

I put together a detailed itinerary with all the necessary bookings in 2 days. I was pleased to score a great deal on our favourite airline. It was $563.40 nett for a round trip to Japan. If I were to compare the airfares we used to pay at $2500 for 2 of us to travel and at today’s $2230 for 4 of us to travel, it was not difficult to include the children in our travel plans.

I was always at a contradiction to risk exposing my children to radiation by going to Japan or to visit a country that we had always enjoyed. This time round, we bit the bullet and decided to go, spending only 4 days in Tokyo and the other few days up in the Northwest. It did not helped that news of a highly radioactive item was found in Ikebukuro days after we made the booking. I could not deny that we, Singaporeans, were a scaredy bunch. We would be mindful of not giving seafood to the children & local tap water but apart from that… well… since we had made the decision to go, we would not dwell on it further.

Here was a website which I found on measuring levels of radiation and I hoped the data was genuine.

Crabby endeavor 

Z loved to eat seafood, in particular crabs and prawns. If lobster was a choice, it would be IT too.

Due to his love for crabs, he had mastered the endurance of eating spicy food such as black pepper crabs or chill crabs. I used to peel for him until a day when I was sick, I decided to make him get his hands dirty.

He was very concerned initially. I guided him and presto, he started tucking into the crab body. He preferred that to the crab claw.

For his first trial, Z did very well, so well that he earned himself another 2 claws. Pretty good feat for a 5 year 3 month old child.

A full cycle

At 2 years and 2 months’ old, X was able to pedal and ride the tricycle properly. Most parents’ grouses would be to teach the child the pedaling motion.

Z had not been able to do this till he was about 2 years and 10 months’ old. Granted, we were not even the ones who taught him. We believed that those were life’s skills he would eventually get to; his awesome preschool teachers taught him.

X was able to do the same from observing Z. Lucky us twice! 😂