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Sporty day with the boys

On Labour’s Day, the boys had to wake up early to go down to the tennis court.

X, looking all dazed to be up at 830am on a public holiday

When I asked him to smile, he mustered this for me.

Meanwhile, Z was learning from Mr H.

One reason for the enthusiasm for an early tennis session was because I got a mid-sized racquet for Z. X had been monopolising the kid’s racquet.

We had a pretty good 1.5hours session with coaching Z and playing the game occasionally ourselves. Z had gotten pretty accustomed to this family activity that he would ask about playing tennis every other week. We thought it was a great way to train his motor skills and build his stamina too.

X, who usually busied himself with running round the court, was all tired and spent his time examining a dried leaf.

We rounded the day off with a late brunch and a pool date for the kids.

Growing up too fast

It was a drizzling Saturday morning when I had the luxury of ‘me-time’ to type this on my MacBook. Mr H had hustled Z out of the door early in the morning because he did not want X to wake up and demand to tag along for Z’s soccer class. He found the 90 min class especially excruciating to wait through with Toddler X climbing up and down.

I was amused.

X took after me in such a way that only I could solve his train of thoughts.

Our toddler at 2 years 3months and 2 weeks’ old had been speaking more. He could lead his friends in play, he could influence his brother to what he wanted to do and most importantly, I discovered he was able to climb up to his brother’s loft bed.

At the same age, I doubted Z was so agile and strong. As it seemed, seeing was believing and seeing was learning.

At this age, Z was enamoured with Thomas the Train.

At this age, X was enamoured with Ironman.

How advanced #2 had treaded with the influence from the elder brother. My friends had always prepared me about how the second borns would be skipping some stages of their lives and matched up to their older siblings.

I was thankful that X still bore babyish looks and had ‘sufficient’ exposure to Thomas the Train that he could tell me “I want to go” when he saw pictures of his  brother at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor.

Preparing for graduation 

Since 5-6 months’ ago, Z’s teachers had been reminding us to get the attire ready. It would be a pair of long white pants with white long sleeved shirt. This combination was not easy to find, or it really depended on the price point. I picked both items up from Gap online store and paid US$60, inclusive of domestic shipping and taxes.

It was a startling reminder that the years had been short. My boy had all but grown up to a fine young boy. 

I was pretty sure that Primary school would descend upon us in just a jiffy. 

Thinking about that alone made me pensive and treasure every hug, every kiss, every chance I got to cuddle, stroke his face and ruffle his hair before it became uncool for him.

Recap of travel photobooks

Since Z was born and the popularisation of photobooks, I made a photobook to mark every holiday with the kids.

Before X
2010 Jun – Sendai, Tokyo (Japan) with Z
2010 Dec – Hongkong with Z
2011 Jul – Edinburgh, York, Manchester, Oxford, Bath, London (England) with Z
2011 Dec – Seoul (Korea) with Z
2012 Jan – Paris, Brussels (France, Belgium) with Z
2012 Sep – Hongkong with Z
2012 Oct – Bangkok (Thailand) with Z

After X
2013 Apr – London, Paris (England, France) with Z & X
2014 Feb – Bali (Indonesia) with Z & X
2014 May – Sokcho, Hwaseong, Seoul (Korea) with Z & X
2014 Sep – Legoland (Malaysia) with Z & X
2014 Oct – Melbourne, Tasmania (Australia) with Z & X
2015 Jan – Penang, Cruise (Malaysia) with Z & X
2015 Feb – Bali (Indonesia) with Z & X
2015 May – Kanazawa, Tateyama, Tokyo (Japan) with Z & X TBC

It sure looked like I only had 2015 photobooks to follow up at this point and I planned to combine the cruise & Bali trip into one.

Painfully OCD

Is when I would persistently layout a photobook for every holiday ever taken with the kids.

Is when I would classify and sort every photo on the external hard disk in folders named YYYYMMDD_EventName.

Is when I would backup my precious files into another external hard disk once in two months.

Is when my holiday itineraries are nailed down to the minutes and cents.

Is when every possible reservation that could be made would be made.

Is when every expression of my children are captured and morphed into a collage of expressions, simple because I felt the need to document every muscle movement.

And more. 

That being said, it was extremely satisfying to have finished the photobooks on Aussie, Balinese and Korean holidays from 2014.

I was left with the Legoland trip and this year’s Bali trip and cruise holiday.

Z had clocked a count of 15 holidays while X measured up with 8 holidays. Not too bad for both who just passed their 5th and 2nd year old birthdays 3-4 months ago.