The backer

What happened if you get into trouble with both parents?

Get your brother to bail you out.

Z had emerged as X’s backer in recent weeks. X had been throwing his tantrums fast and furiously for a week. Both Mr H and I had decided independently not to let him get away with his unreasonable behavior.

There was one night when he had misbehaved so out of line that both of us were waiting to discipline him respectively. X kept crying on the floor but was alert to our movements. He was lying on the floor and screaming by himself when he shouted “kor kor” frantically. Z rushed to his side and helped him up. Z walked him to the sofa and soothed his tears. 

Mr H and I … Simply jaw dropped.

I knew Z was a good brother but to see how he was so gentle to his little brother, how sensitive and how sweet, I felt very touched by his gesture. You could hardly tell that X was the same younger brother who bit Z or used a toy gun to hit Z. Despite all that X had done, Z was still super loving towards him.

Z would make a very good brother, boyfriend and husband if he kept this up.

The Prince Charming in training and likely to melt many hearts   

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