Recap of travel photobooks

Since Z was born and the popularisation of photobooks, I made a photobook to mark every holiday with the kids.

Before X
2010 Jun – Sendai, Tokyo (Japan) with Z
2010 Dec – Hongkong with Z
2011 Jul – Edinburgh, York, Manchester, Oxford, Bath, London (England) with Z
2011 Dec – Seoul (Korea) with Z
2012 Jan – Paris, Brussels (France, Belgium) with Z
2012 Sep – Hongkong with Z
2012 Oct – Bangkok (Thailand) with Z

After X
2013 Apr – London, Paris (England, France) with Z & X
2014 Feb – Bali (Indonesia) with Z & X
2014 May – Sokcho, Hwaseong, Seoul (Korea) with Z & X
2014 Sep – Legoland (Malaysia) with Z & X
2014 Oct – Melbourne, Tasmania (Australia) with Z & X
2015 Jan – Penang, Cruise (Malaysia) with Z & X
2015 Feb – Bali (Indonesia) with Z & X
2015 May – Kanazawa, Tateyama, Tokyo (Japan) with Z & X TBC

It sure looked like I only had 2015 photobooks to follow up at this point and I planned to combine the cruise & Bali trip into one.

4 responses to “Recap of travel photobooks

  1. the frequency of traveling has gone up instead of down with X in the mix! 🙂

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