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Kiwis & fruits

It was such a terrific promotion and the kiwis were so sweet that I bought 3 boxes. The usual pack cost $6.95 for 4. This was $9.90 for 8 and came with a free container which I thought was fabulous for storing food neatly in the fridge.

These few months were really awesome with the season of sweet blueberries, kiwis and my all-time favorite New Zealand Fuji apples.

Tarts from Crusty Oven

The chocolate tart at $2.40 was not bad but the fruit tart at $5.50 was rather disappointing . I guessed the fruit tarts from Drips set too high a standard to surpass and I probably should not be taking recommendations too seriously.

The fruits were fresh but the crust was not as crunchy or fragrant.     

The royale chocolate tart which was a saving grace but probably not enough for me to revisit  

Or were there other flavours that I should have tried?

Meet the Parents’ session for X

In end May, we visited the school and was updated on X’s progress in school.

He had been sociable and had a lot of friends to play with. He had a tendency to choose to play with boys but he would play with his long time friend who was a girl too.

He had excellent motor skills (which I also knew, based on his scooting) and possessed very good learning abilities. He was the only one in class who could undress fairly well. 

Another classmate and him tended to be the instigators in class too.

However, he was slower to learn how to talk. Since returning from Japan, he had been able to converse more and better.

He supposedly was not good at sharing toys but the teachers concurred with me that he would share when asked nicely instead of forcefully.

That was the half year round up for X and we would have the soft copy version of the portfolio to keep.

An Avengers’ Party

We celebrated the 6th birthday of Z’s best friend. Both kids knew they were each other’s best friends since the concept was known to them. Someone asked, “Are the two of you classmates?”

“No, outside friends.”

“Then how did you know each other to become best friends?”


“I think our daddy and mummy are friends.”

Hilarious, and so innocently sweet.

Time really flew. It really did not seem too long ago when we were dating, engaged, drinking at Balacava Suntec City, planning for weddings and first home renovations. 

A 6th year old’s birthday party did bring forth a new phase of life because a 7th year old mean a new ball game altogether.

X could get into the swing of things and the boys loved the Avengers themed. Was it only 5 years ago when our first borns dig Mickey Mouse??

Face painting 

Captain America  

X wisely sat out the face painting     

And then there were two!  

Saboteur at the longest straw chain game  

Kids were told to tuck the ball under their chins, X improvised apparently   

Sweet moment when Z fed X the ice cream cakeMore pics from the straw game        

The three diaper friends with face painting  

VPost shopping discount codes 

For the benefit of my friends who are shopping on overseas websites, here are all the codes valid from now till 20 July.

Base charge is $13.40. 

The cost of shipping a 6.2kg item would be $69. I topped up a $11 Vcare insurance (pegged to value of item) and applied the $30 discount code.  

Happy shopping and shipping!