A typical day for us

For my own sake, I thought to record this.

715am – Mr H wakes up and handles the kids’ breakfast. He gives X a bottle of milk and pours milk for Z. He will also put out the breakfast for Z which could range from sandwiches, biscuits, overnight oats or more. Meanwhile, I get to bathe, put on make up and dress for work.

745am – Ideally, everyone is ready to leave. There may be last minute tantrums from X or Z might be dozing off at the dining table and not done with breakfast.

8am – We are all in the car.

810am – Mr H brings X up to his school. Z & I chat in the car; we talk about anything from what Mr Google advises, to air resistance versus design of sports car, friction and more.

815am – Z is dropped off at school He is in K2 and is expected to walk in by himself.

830am – Mr H buys breakfast for me enroute to work.

840am – I reach work, and I usually work till 6ish while Mr H picks Z up at 530pm and then X up at 545pm.

615/630pm – I usually leave work at this timing, barring no events or special projects.

645/7pm – I reach home and cook dinner. If the weather is good, the boys get to go down to the pool deck to play (scoot, cycle or swim).

730pm – Dinner is served.

8pm – We are done with dinner. The boys get to play or do some work.

9pm – If the Channel 8 drama is good, we huddle up on the sofa and watch. It’s a great way of teaching life’s concepts to Z. If the Channel 8 drama is bad, we do not watch and will do more reading or watch cartoons.

10pm – Ideally, the kids sleep at this time. Sometimes, they loiter around or they tuck me in.

1030pm/11pm – I sleep by this time on most days. Mr H is the laundry man, so he stays up till 11pm to hang the laundry or to watch EPL games or some sports programs or hustle the kids (usually X) to bed if they are still mucking around.

Of course, on weekends, we operate on a totally different schedule. There are also occasional times when we meet our friends for dinners or we have to work late, then such schedules are thrown out of the window.

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