Day 1 – Japan

This marked Z’s 15th holiday and X’s 8th holiday to date. As it was an afternoon flight, I even found the time to pop down for the Metro Closed Door sale. 

It was a 1355-2200H flight from Singapore to Haneda. I had picked such an odd timing after evaluating the various traveling options, pricing of air tickets and accommodations. It would have cost us $800++ for the air ticket per person and we would arrive in Narita, incurring higher transportation costs as well as longer traveling time to Tokyo.

This peculiar timing cost us $563.40 per person. It was more than enough to cover the cost of the lodging. Plus, the kids would get ample rest.

Free Popsicle at Metro Sale   

Traveling with my parents too  

Spotted an Ironman at T3 too  

Window seat for Z, which sadly didn’t last    

I actually booked 2 window seats so that both boys could have a window seat each but they insisted on sitting next to each other. X was so unreasonable so he got the window seat. Ironically, he fell asleep during the took off.

The boys napped, played and watched Krisworld throughout. When we landed at 2130, it was ahead of schedule. As per any internet crazed Singaporeans, the first thing we did was to look for a data SIM card. We read so much online about this So-net SIM card which cost 3000yen for 1GB and 4000yeb for 2.2GB. In the end, it was 4500yen for 1GB! The salesperson told us price had increased. 

We ended up getting a 100mb a day card at 1900yen from Seven Eleven. 

We also grabbed a late dinner at this Italian restaurant. The Bismark pizza and an Elio Don pizza were fabulous. After a late dinner, we shopped for snacks at Seven Eleven and checked into Royal Park Hotel Haneda. 

At the lobby 
It was 14,100yen per room for a queen sized bed per night. The perk of traveling with my parents was that Z could room with them. We finally called it a night after another round of snacking on chocolates, hot drinks and instant  ramen.

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