Day 5 – Japan, Tokyo

It was a less hectic day. We had breakfast at the nearby Doutor which was my in laws’ favorite cafe, and Mr H’s as well. Having visited Tokyo several times and staying at Ginza, Shinjuku and Shinagawa, it was the first time we stayed at Ikebukuro. Based on how near Metropolitan Hotel was to the JR station and how refreshed the rooms looked, it was a pretty nice place to stay at.

Featuring a good night’s rest from the day before  


We took the JR from Ikebukuro to Ueno which took 17minutes. We transferred to the Ginza metro line and took the metro to Asakusa station. It was only 3 stops away so it cost 170yen per adult and 90yen per child above 100cm or so. I could not quite remember the chargeable height.

We exited via exit 3 where there was a elevator to take us to the ground level. We only had to walk 20 meters ahead and turned to the right for the shopping belt which led to the Asakusa temple.

At the parallel but quieter shopping belt

The main belt

We visited the Asakusa temple, with the boys playing with the water, fanning smoke towards themselves like what the locals did and making wishes on coin tosses. Z asked what wishing was and it was really hard to explain.

We walked back the main belt to take metro.

An ice cream break which offered many flavours of soft serve ice cream and I really enjoyed the white peach flavour

We took the metro from Asakusa to Ueno and swung by the Ameyoko Market. We went to these 2 stores at the market which specialised in selling the Japanese titbits and candy. We bought about $300 worth of snacks and had 5-6 bags of loot. If anyone was interested, these 2 shops were located near the ABC Mart.

At a small corner of the shop

Since it was lunch time, we settled for a simple meal at Ameyoko Market before returning to Ikebukuro for shopping.

 We went to Seibu for my mom to check out LV, for me to suss up the H store and most importantly, to buy my favourite Mogu cushion from Loft, located on the 9F-12F of Seibu. I had been hugging Mogu cushion to sleep for almost 8 years, shockingly. My first was a large heart-shaped Mogu, then I had 2 flower-shaped Mogu and progressed to this functional looking Mogu cushion. I wondered if anyone would bring in this to sell in Singapore again.

We also popped over to Uniqlo located on the 10F-11F of Tobu where the boys bought their Shinkansen T-shirts and Mr H refreshed his supply of bermudas. This store was special because it had dedicated counters for tourists to do tax free shopping.

We shopped for so long that it was 730pm. We ended up going to the few floors above Uniqlo, where we had Ten Ryo, for dinner.

My Sukiyaki dinner

I love this snoopy design on Pocky, so kawaii desu ne!

A glimpse of our candy loot (this is only part of the loot which we got at about $100)

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