Day 6 – Japan, Disneysea

We started the day very early because I aimed to reach Disneysea at 9am. Working the sums backwards where Ikebukuro to Tokyo station would take 30min and Tokyo station to Maihama station via Keiyo line would take 20min, we had to check out by 715am. That was quite impossible but we managed to reach Maihama station by 9am.

Instead of leaving the luggage at Disney Welcome centre at Maihama station, we pushed our luggage to the Tokyo Disneyland hotel because it was such a short walk away. We checked in so that we could receive the complimentary Monorail pass which was provided to all guests. We could also have collected it at the Welcome centre but there was a long queue too.

Our monorail pass, retailing at 1100yen but was complimentary for hotel guests which could be picked up from the Welcome Centre or the hotelsย 

By the time we made our way over to Disneysea, it was 10am. We were in time to catch the fashion parade at Mediterranean Harbour. Given that the parade was on water, the floats were too far away from the main viewing area. I would suggest camping along the waterside for a better view. While we were at the show, Mr H picked up a fast pass for Tower of Terror at 1130-1230.

Waiting for the Gondola ride

We left just before the show ended and were amongst the first in queue for the Gondola ride which reopened at 1110am. We headed over to Tower of Terror at 1130am and Z was pretty scared by the ride, so much so that he cried. Thereafter, we wanted to try the Toy Story Mania ride but the fast pass was for 2125h!!

There was no point locking up our fast pass priority, so we walked about and had lunch at Restaurant Sakura. There was a queue but thankfully, I had made reservation prior to the trip as part of my hotel travel case booking. The food was pretty good and rather reasonable.

Our priority booking slips

The meals

We queued for Toy Story Mania at 125pm and it was a great ride for the kids. While we queued, Mr H picked up another fast pass for Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Thankfully the queue was only 35min instead of the original 60min. It was so much fun, using the shooters to score points. I even snapped a shot of my score against Z. It was a brand new ride which I had not seen in HK or Paris.

We popped over to the Big City vehicle ride which pleased the boys to no end. The ride was a round trip at the “New York” area.

How the Easter decorated Big City Vehicle looked like

We made our way up to Aquatopia and were lucky that there was hardly anyone so Z took the ride twice.

On Aquatopia

It was time for our next fast pass “Journey to the centre of the earth”. There was a light drizzle, so the crowd for Storm rider had somewhat dispersed. It became a 15min wait for this 4-D show which left Z in tears. He thought the roof was really torn apart and he was going to be hit. ๐Ÿ˜‚

We headed up to meeting Mickey. It was a 30min wait to take a photo with him. It was followed by Raging Spirits roller coaster ride for the adults before we moved on to the kiddy rides.

Z & X loved Jasmine’s flying carpet ride so they rode it twice. The entire family rode the Sinbad Storybook Voyage, then the carousel.

On the carousel, and it was around 6pm at this time

We were done with the Arabian coast and headed for the Mermaid’s Lagoon which was designed for kids. We started with a mini roller coaster “Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster” which Z could take but X was below 90cm so he had to give it a miss.

We then proceeded to the Mermaid Lagoon where more kiddy rides were. It was fully sheltered so it would be a great hideout if weather turned bad. There was a Disney food court selling pizza and sandwiches here.

Inside Mermaid Lagoon

We played the Whirlpool & the Blowfish Balloon Race before heading to Mermaid Lagoon Theatre. It was odd that the theatre offered a Fastpass option so I assumed it should be pretty good.

The Whirlpool ride

At the Mermaid Theatre

It was a 14 minutes’ performance and was really entertaining. Too bad my boys were not well acquainted with the story of Little Mermaid!

After the theatre, we took another ride.

The Jumpin’ Jellyfish ride

By now, it was almost 8pm and we were starving. We wanted rice and noodles for dinner, so we brought the family to the nearby cafe at Mysterious Island where chinese cuisine was served. The kids wolfed down the fried rice, spring rolls and wanton soup. At 410yen for a 2-pieces-of-wanton soup, it was very steep! However, we wanted soup stock and had no choice. The fried rice was really good though and more reasonable at 980yen.

It was raining so we took the Electric Railway back to New York area. Thankfully we had umbrellas, raincoats and stroller rain cover. We managed to keep the kids dry but my ferra flats were totally soaked. We were distracted by the Disney shops and shopped till 945pm! We bought a number of T-shirts, checked out the Disney-Tomica cars (which I later found Bic Camera to be selling at 200yen cheaper!!) and bought a photo (the one taken at Mickey’s house) at 1540yen.

It was 10ish when we finally returned to the hotel and collected our room key.

Our room at 52500 yen a night which could sleep 4 adults and 2 kids, the trundle bed and cruise bed not pictured in this shot

On this day, we were at DisneySea for almost 12 hours, had 2 meals, visited 17 attractions (theatres/rides) and watched 1 parade on water.

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