Day 8 – Japan, Tokyo

We let the kids sleep in as much as they could because of how hard they played in the last 2 days. By the time they woke up, got ready and checked out, it was almost 11am. We even went downstairs to buy more Disney merchandise before taking the Disney monorail for the last time. From the JR station, we took the keiyo line to Tokyo station for 10min and transferred to the Chuo line to Shinjuku for 15min.

We wanted to eat at Takashimaya but the restaurant was closed for renovation so we settled for Japanese western cuisine. We shopped at Lumine EST, Bic camera and Isetan from 1 to 4pm.

Z at my favorite store
We went back via the same route and this was X taking the JR for the last time on this trip.  

We had left Tokyo a tad later and had to rush back to the hotel for the airport limousine bus which cost 2450yen per person. We had booked the 1706h bus for our 2050h flight.

Last view of the hotel

We reached the airport by 615pm and took some time to repack our luggage. We were finally done by 7pm and processed our check in. I had thought that the customs to check the tax free goods was prior to check in. It turned out that you did not have to show the duty free goods. You only have to bring the passport to the officers who would remove the stapled receipts and file it aside.

Z waiting patiently 

After the immigration, we went to Fa So Lah to pick up gummi mallows, Shiroi Kohibito biscuits, potato farm and more.

We made do with Macs for dinner at 8pm. It was a good thing we did because our A380 flight was so full that we were only served dinner at 11pm+.
With that, the holiday came to an end.

2 responses to “Day 8 – Japan, Tokyo

  1. Nateenee Limwathanagura

    Hello, I was looking for the gummi mallows and found your article. May I ask which airport you were at for this? Thanks!

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