Hanging out with a sick bub

Days after we returned from Japan, it could have been the hectic schedule and the unrelentless activities. X fell ill. He contracted a gastric flu virus and had fever for 3-4 days.

He had to stay home to rest and was having so much diarrhoea that he developed a diaper rash. His skin turned all red and sore despite frequent change of diapers.

The fever, stomachache and rash were enough to make him cry hourly. We had a comprehensive set of medication from the PD but they did not work fast enough to provide him comfort. 

By Friday afternoon, the fever and stomachache had subsided, so I took him out to to nearby Guardian. It was a simple scooting trip which evolved into a bus trip to Toa Payoh and a MRT trip to Mr H’s office. It was quite an adventure for X and he was so thrilled to break out of his cabin fever.

We were lucky not to deal with explosive diarrhoea situations. X enjoyed the buses and trains before having a sound nap which had been nearly unheard of in the last few days.



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