An Avengers’ Party

We celebrated the 6th birthday of Z’s best friend. Both kids knew they were each other’s best friends since the concept was known to them. Someone asked, “Are the two of you classmates?”

“No, outside friends.”

“Then how did you know each other to become best friends?”


“I think our daddy and mummy are friends.”

Hilarious, and so innocently sweet.

Time really flew. It really did not seem too long ago when we were dating, engaged, drinking at Balacava Suntec City, planning for weddings and first home renovations. 

A 6th year old’s birthday party did bring forth a new phase of life because a 7th year old mean a new ball game altogether.

X could get into the swing of things and the boys loved the Avengers themed. Was it only 5 years ago when our first borns dig Mickey Mouse??

Face painting 

Captain America  

X wisely sat out the face painting     

And then there were two!  

Saboteur at the longest straw chain game  

Kids were told to tuck the ball under their chins, X improvised apparently   

Sweet moment when Z fed X the ice cream cakeMore pics from the straw game        

The three diaper friends with face painting  

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