Meet the Parents’ session for X

In end May, we visited the school and was updated on X’s progress in school.

He had been sociable and had a lot of friends to play with. He had a tendency to choose to play with boys but he would play with his long time friend who was a girl too.

He had excellent motor skills (which I also knew, based on his scooting) and possessed very good learning abilities. He was the only one in class who could undress fairly well. 

Another classmate and him tended to be the instigators in class too.

However, he was slower to learn how to talk. Since returning from Japan, he had been able to converse more and better.

He supposedly was not good at sharing toys but the teachers concurred with me that he would share when asked nicely instead of forcefully.

That was the half year round up for X and we would have the soft copy version of the portfolio to keep.

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