Squeezing more time

I wrote about our typical day previously. I hoped to improve the processes and efficiency over time. With the kids swinging their preference towards pork ribs’ soup, I had been obligated to boil soup the instant I woke up in the morning. I threw all ingredients into the soup pot and would leave it on the stove from 7-745am before turning off the fire. I would continue to cook for another 30min once we got home so that the pork ribs would be juicy and soft. One might ask, why don’t you just use the slow cooker? I was particular about taste of meat and did not like the way slow cooker stripped the taste and juiciness from the meat. In doing so, I realized that I saved some time when I reached home. I could use the time to do other things like… Going down to the pool and watch the boys play.    


I considered this Work Improvement Project at home. We had WIP at work, why not apply it at home?

I was really glad to have created a pocket of 5-10 minutes to see the boys swim and play with water. I sure hated to repeat this so many times – time flew too fast for my liking, especially when kids were our walking indicators of time. 

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