Getting the knack of reading

After 6 months of home coaching and another 6 months of attempted “a book a day”, Z had finally gotten the knack of reading. He had been great at reading off car bumper stickers, signboards of shops along the road and reading his books with ease.

Now that he had gotten the hang of reading, it made learning easier. He had also been articulating words and spelling them on his own. I felt really proud to have a self learner like him.

Thankfully he had a head for numbers, we did not have to practice Math at home.

He was also interested in Mandarin. He looked forward to reading his Chinese story books and I had to thank his Chinese teacher for inspiring his interest.

The next step for us was to train him to become a curious person who would seek to learn more and discover answers by himself.

Meanwhile, I guessed as long as he knew how to be an attentive learner, he should be ready for primary school. Well, now the question was if we were prepared for primary school.

Come to think of it, I had to say I felt prouder of Mr H & I. We had coached Z through the preschool years without signing him up for academic enrichment classes, on top of our full time jobs. In between pep talk, bonding and mentoring, Z had progressed to be a sensible boy today. I hoped we would be able to cope with the demands of primary school education and resist the use of ‘enrichment’ for as long as we could.

Meanwhile, it was back to the drawing board with X.

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