Second last PTM for Z

It was a mid-year K2 review for Z. Sadly, it would be the second last time he would have his ptm in this school.

The feedback was pretty close to what we heard 6 months’ earlier.

The teachers sang praises of his progress, his maturity and his likability.

For English & Math, he had done everything pretty well and his reading had further improved by leaps and bounds. For Chinese, he had been consistent too. They would be moving on to Hanyu Pin Yin, so his chinese teacher reminded us to be careful when he joined Primary 1 because there was hardly any chinese writing in the first 6 months.

He had played well in sports at school and had a tendency to lead the games and took initiative to direct his friends, a sign of being a playmaker. Even if he fell during the games, he would pick himself up and assured his teachers that he was fine to proceed.

He was also great at asking questions, displayed high level of comprehension with the questions he asked and was generally outspoken as well as opinionated.

His teachers also commended him for having a positive spirit when it came to do school assignments. He would readily pick up the worksheets without a single complaint and work on them. Trust me, this was an end result of my eccentric ‘work hard, play harder’ motto.

Generally, I was not surprised with the feedback because many of which were honed by us. If anything, I had to say I was pretty damn proud of ourselves because we had done a great job in teaching him. Hahaha…

The only area for improvement would be to fidget less and to play more gently with the girls.

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