Signing Z up for blading

It had always been my intention to send Z for rollerblading classes after he mastered cycling on 2 wheels. I wanted him to learn before he started primary school because I had no idea on how much time we would have on hand, and with X turning 3, it would be his turn of going for weekend sports lessons.

I was already discussing with some friends on searching for classes when Cher sent her kids for trial classes too. A week later, we sent Z to a trial class too. This school held classes over a few locations so we picked the one at Gardens By the Bay East. I had seen them conducting lessons previously but did not remember the school name.

It cost $90 for 5x90min lessons which sounded pretty reasonable in my opinion. By the end of the trial class, Z could stride and stop with his heels. There was a progress card (like our car learners’ driving program) where they would indicate his progress.

What struck me was how Z was still very enthusiastic despite falling down many times. I liked his resilient spirit which was finally showing some roots after our incessant pep talks.

I could see the look of concentration at class and the pride when he could stride to a stop smoothly. Life’s lessons like this could not be found in the books.

The next thing for us was to look for a pair of rollerblades for him. Unfortunately, X had too tiny feet to try rollerblading. He probably had to wait out till he turned 6 or to wait for Z to teach him.


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