Roller Skates for Z


K2 Skate Kid’s SK8 Hero X Pro Inline Skates

We purchased this off a local website at S$189.65 after a $5 discount code which popped up as I was navigating ‘away’ from the shopping cart. I always thought that it would be cheaper to get such roller skates off Amazon but boy, was I wrong. The student price was also $194.

I compared a few models which they carried and it surprised me that this same model was selling at US$335 over here!

To be honest, I had wanted to opt for the cheaper models on this local website (Inlinex) which started at $150 onwards. My friend said she got hers from Amazon for more than $100 1 year ago. In that comparison, it was not too bad a deal but unfortunately, those models were all out of stocks.

I also decided against buying the cheaper K2 raider model at US$80 off Amazon after seeing a review which a mom posted about some pain at the heel area. This model was not found on Inlinex’s online shop (perhaps for good reason!).

I figured out if Z was learning skating at Inlinex and if the skates were from their shop, they would probably be responsible for him in a way. It also helped that their prices for the higher end models were much cheaper.

At 5.5 years’ old, Z wore a US1-5 size which was adjustable upwards by another 4 sizes.

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