The third weekend of June – Part 2 (Sentosa)

Whenever we drove to Vivo City, X would say, “Cable car, cable car!”

We always said we would bring the boys up one day. It was ironic that the boys had gone on cable car rides overseas but not the one so near to us.

Our weekends were so busy that we never got round to bringing the boys up on the cable car. Even when it came to watching the Minions, Z said, “Mummy, could we watch the movie soon? Before the movie stops showing in cinemas.”

Well, that happened to ‘Shaun the Sheep’ and a few more low-key cartoons.

That was why we took leave to bring the boys for the movie and decided to bring them for a cable car ride at the same time. 

All prepped for movie  

Mr H decided that we should park at Vivo City and take the monorail into the island. I happened to have corporate passes for Sentosa and took the Sentosa Express Monorail for free.

X was happy like a lark! He had been observing this ‘choo choo train’ from Vivo City’s Paradise Dynasty for the longest time.

Excited boys on the monorail

Major score to spot Nila and the poor Merlion was less familiar to the boys 

One reason which we were interested to take the cable car was because we noticed a new cable car line which was adjacent to the usual line.

It cost $19 per adult and $12 per child to take round trips on both lines. There was even an annual pass for individual and families for the cable car at $39 and $120. There was an option to top up $10 to take unlimited rides on the cable car. The new section covered Merlion Station – Imbiah Station – Siloso Station and we had a fabulous view of the beach, and even the Wavehouse which the boys were playing at two days’ earlier.

Here was Z with the map.  

In the brand new cable car which opened in Jun 2015 according to Wikipedia

      We did a round trip and alighted at Imbiah Station for the transfer to the old line. We were distracted by the Luge & Skyride. Z saw the skyride and said he wanted to take it. We got the Combo 5 tickets for $32 per adult with a mastercard promotion, instead of the usual $38. We had to top up $15 to add on a kid for 5 rides. Hence, this simple attraction alone cost us $94.

At the luge   

          The good thing about going for 5 rounds was that we managed to get a pretty good family shot. Hence, we paid $13 for the photo and so that we could download from the website. However, the photo was rather low resolution.

After the Luge, we went on a round trip cable car ride. We alighted at Mount Faber but it was really late, so we headed back to Sentosa shortly. 

Back to boarding point  

 We could have alighted at Harbourfront Cable Car station but the boys were so INTO the cable car that they insisted on taking back to Merlion station.

We chanced upon the Cable Car Museum on the return to Sentosa Station. While it was small, it covered a comprehensive history of the Sentosa Cable Car from 1974 till now. We also saw a few types of cable cars from the Angry Birds…  

To the VIP Cable Car  

To the First Generation (1974-1994)

To the Second Generation (1995-1998) 

To the Third Generation (1999-2009)  

More history & exhibits of the place   


Well, it was an awesome trip for the boys. Z said it felt like he was on holiday!

I thought the entire cable car history was pretty cool too, definitely worth the ticket price of $50 for us given that it covered both cable car lines. If we had the time, we could have alighted at every station for a walk!

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