Roller skating classes too

Instead of spending 90min idling in the park, I decided to sign up for the roller skating class. I had not thought much about it until another friend said she was learning with her son.

Hence, I ended up getting my rollerblades and guards from the same shop too. Previously, when I purchased online, I ‘chanced’ upon a discount code as I was switching the browser. I cleared cache and the same discount code popped up too. It was a $5 code.

Discount code: BNAG10

While $5 did not seem much, the blades were already discounted, so it was an additional $5.

Since it was purely recreational and I only needed a basic pair of skates, the instructor recommended a few women’s skates and some kids’ skates. Based on the existing inventory, Z selected this for me.

Rollerblade Spitfire SL G, $201.10 (SRP $229)

I knew it looked too cute and sweet but well…

Anyway, Z said he picked this for me because the rest were K2 (the brand) and other people might think I was trying to be a K2 (preschooler).

Here was to more skating for Z & I, especially after hearing that 1 hour of skating equated to almost burning 600 calories and it was a low impact cardio sport.

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