6 months to turning 6 – The learning journey

Z was 66 months’ old.  

We did not know of other children’s progress but we were sufficiently happy with his. To me, there was no need to compare. He was definitely not the best but he was not doing too shabbily either. What I loved was his enthusiasm in the entire learning process.

We felt he had a good learning journey, and he had definitely enjoyed the process of learning. He also finally recognized the fruits of his labour. He found gratification in mastering the knowledge and craved to learn more.

He was really good with phonics. 

He could tackle most of his assessment books by himself. Even if he made mistakes or if he was not sure, he was keen to try and making up his spelling in the process.

He was good with reading in Mandarin too. All we did was to set up the audio CD and he would learn on his own. His teacher laid a strong foundation.

He had also done well in Math, so much so that we had never practiced Math at home. Today, he told me that his friend could multiply and he would like to learn too. I was pleased that he asked to learn more as I made it a point not to initiate teaching till he was ready and asked for it.

With this attitude of progressive self-learning, it would be helpful in future. He was familiar with my philosophy- work hard, play harder. There was always a time to work and to play. I definitely hoped we could stick to this even when he went primary school.

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