The little push

I had found out and verified that Z was a child who required a hard push, as opposed to attempts to inspire him. 

A few days ago, I told him that I felt that his swimming was subpar and that he was unlikely to be even considered for trying out for competition at the rate he was going.

He surprised Mr H and I by swimming 3 laps of proper breaststrokes. We were impressed. It was not because he had swam fast but because he had completed 3 laps.

You could not have imagined the number of whines we used to receive just to get him to complete 0.5 lap. Completing 1 lap would have been a tall order, let alone 3 laps.

He would usually throw his arms and legs about like a doggie style halfway through 0.5 lap. Hence, seeing him swim proper breaststrokes for 3 laps was very surprising. 

At the end of it, we asked how he felt about completing 3 laps on his own. Z said, “I am very happy!”

Well, hard earned results made a difference.

I sure hoped he could keep this up. This part of parenting business was tougher than sleep training a baby. 

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