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Night fest 2015

It was the second time we brought the boys to Night Fest. The first was in 2013 when X was still so tiny. 

We checked out the night fest during the first weekend. It was a long shot because it was a Friday night. Z also had martial arts class till 945pm. 

I was quite tired but determined to make it a late night family activity for the novelty.
We caught the Anooki at 1010pm and stayed for 2 runs. The boys were giggling over the video. It was a really cool projection!  

Countdown to the next round   

We watched a live band performance, waited around for the flamenco which took too long to head and popped over to SAM for the Alchemy. It was amazing!  

By 1130pm, we had to call it a night and drag the kids home. 

What would I say some day

Life was unpredictable. 

We wouldn’t live forever and we wouldn’t know when we would be gone. Maybe I was a naturally pessimistic person or as the dialect went, I was rather kiasi. Even when I was pregnant with Z & X, I always prepped myself with a million “what ifs”. 

When I read news of wars, bombs, terrorist attacks, missing flights and natural disasters, I always worried. I wished I could be with my family for as long as I could. 

If that day ever came, I wanted my family to know that I had led a good life because of their love. I wished I could say goodbye in person.

Memories were forged on the times we laughed our hearts out, when we explored foreign cities, when you told me how much you loved my cooking, when you tucked me into bed, when I held my babies for the first time, when the tiny ones grinned, when we held their tiny hands, when they sang, when we simply spent all the time we could together, when we loved each other and our family, when we shared the same heartbeat, when we embraced every morning together, when we grew old, when we lived our dreams, when our days were written for keepsake.

Love. Contentment.

Hugs. Happiness.

Blessed. Cherished.

We lived our days as though it was our last. We always looked forward, we chose how we spent our moments and loved the ones around us.

Reading out loud

X showed an interest in learning to talk. 

He would mimick Z when he talked to us.

He would mimick me when I lectured Z.

He would echo Mr H when he read.

My little ball of infinite stubbornness was getting more and more vocal.

He might be slower to speech but his atheleticism was unparalleled.

What is USA?

What is USS?

Z: Universal Studios Singapore.

What is USJ?

Z: Universal Studios Japan.

What is USA?

Z: Universal Studios America.


Sunday treat at USS

With Z & X (to a limited extent) finally of age to play at USS, it made the investment in season pass pretty worthwhile.

X and I were morning folks. Mr H and Z were professional “theme park goers” because they knew the importance of getting to the park early! We were done with breakfast by 9am and Z stood in the members’ queue while I ran an errand and Mr H was still looking for parking.

Once in, Mr H and Z dashed for Z’s favorite ride – Puss in Boots. I took X for a leisure walk towards Treasure Hunter ride.

Along the way, the Dino fascinated him
This was X on his second round when Mr H and Z joined us 

Jurassic Park section was only opened at 11am. Hence, I took Z on the mini roller coaster which he was rather unwilling about. πŸ˜‚ 

We regrouped with Mr H and X for Shrek’s 4D encounter and the Magic Potions ride. Once we were done, we realized it was pouring. Thankfully, we had the rain cover for the stroller and a stash of raincoats. 

Z asked to go on the carousel. Both boys were happy with their selections.   

We then made our way for the 1145 Elmo show titled “When I grow up”. The show was very kids centric. It was my first time watching the show. Halfway through, many adults left. 
To be honest, I would never have watched it sans kids. Now that I had kids, it made perfect sense to watch this and it was very enjoyable. X loved it! Compared this to watching character performances in shopping malls, this was a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.  
The show lasted 20minutes and we broke for lunch at the cafe opposite the theatre. The boys were pleased with the free collectibles which came with their meals – bumblebee straws!   

X was too short for the Sesame Street ride so he had to sit it out. Once we were done with the ride, there was a 1.15pm street performance to catch.

Photo taking time     
Then we met Bumblebee – the boys were thrilled 


Z was befuddled with a moving bumblebee. I teased him lots about it. Here was them with the Bumblebee car:
We took X on the Accelerator ride. Whilst walking back to Jurassic Park, X fell asleep. We cleared the Flying Dino ride with Z. It was a 30min’s wait! πŸ˜“

After that, we took the boys for a haircut and Z for his swimming class. He swam butterfly strokes successfully for the first time this term. It was a very tiring lesson.

It was such a long day that we ordered pizza and watched movies at home, including Harry Potter.

Introducing my sons to the magical world of Harry Potter

They were distracted by pasta though 😱  

That concluded the end of a very busy weekend and 1 out of 8 Harry Potter films to catch before this December. 

Singapore Story at Gardens By the Bay

A week after the jubilee weekend, we headed down to Gardens By the Bay. We really put our annual pass to good use. It had only been 8 months but we clocked at least 8 visits to the Flower Dome, 3 visits to Cloud Forest Dome and 2 visits to OCBC Skywalk. Considering that we paid $34, we milked the pass for its worth. 

The Singapore Story exhibition was beautiful. The orchids were blooming, the white orchids were as white as fresh snow and the pale pink ones looked like cotton candy. The exhibits and stories were meaningful for Z to learn too.

Z was in a great mood and was the agreeable model for the entire morning. X was grouchy but we could hardly blame him as we got him 2 vaccination jabs prior to going to the gardens!

This was Sang Nila Utama   

Coolie in action  

How an old Hawker Centre looked like  


More coolies at work  

Just us 4

Quirky stamp exhibits but so beautiful!  

Kacang putih man

Kusu island stamp  

Radin Mas stamp

Such a cute enclave   

Lego at Cloud Forest Dome

Misty lost world  

Up the skywalk we went after lunch at Peach Garden

X fell asleep while we packed Z off for an art trial class. It was rather interesting and we had to bring him down for his rollerblading class 5-630pm. It was a new evening time slot that we tried. The class was more crowded than the usual class we went.

It was a slow drive to dinner from blading class.

By the time we hit home, it was 9pm and boy… Was it tiring man!

X at 31 months’ old

He was a candid fellow. He was so cheeky, he was always dishing out megawatt smiles and emitted this toddlerly cuteness. For his age, he was petite and agile, often earning him chuckles and smiles from the strangers, neighbors and us.

He was speaking a lot more and was able to articulate what he wanted all the time such as “I want racing cars”, “I want cartoons”, “I don’t want..!!”

He was very demanding. He was quick to throw tantrums and burst into tears. With that, we inevitably chose to give in to him because we wanted instant peace. Of course, this situation did not improve and I was also concerned that he would become spoilt and willful.

Brotherhood wins

That was why we had to plug the leak on our weakest link. Z was an amazing brother. He would give in to X readily or unwillingly 95% of the time. Sometimes, I felt it was not fair that we made Z give in. However, we felt that Z could have handled some situations better. That was why we taught him that he should always have control of the situation. He had to observe the situation and decided if he should give in. He must be willing and not felt compelled to do so. However, he must be seen as the owner of the situation and not a victim of circumstances. It was nice to hear Z commanding X to ask nicely and for Z to give in to X’s request such as sharing of toys.

Conditional wins

I always let X win but with conditions. I picked this up from “The Happiest Toddler on the block”. Some of the tips had been so ingrained that it was easy to practice. I would repeat his requests (like the fast food concept mentioned in the book).

“I want sweets.”

“X wants sweets. You want to eat sweets, right?”

X would nod his head with trusting eyes.

“Yes, X can have this sweet now BUT you have to keep the rest for tomorrow. Is that okay?”

X nodded to the conditions, consumed the sweet and usually honored his part of the agreement. He was also aware that breaking agreements would lead to difficulty in getting approvals in future.

Fatigue tyranny wins

When X was tired, he ruled. If he didn’t sleep enough, it was our fault so everyone would back down. πŸ˜‚

If he overstepped the line, we would ignore him. When he realized we were ignoring him, his fervent tantrums would subside and Z would usually help him to break the awkward ice of facing irate parents.