Yellow goodness

I was a noob when it came to buying durians. Thanks to social media, “self-help” articles on how to pick durians, media recommendation and transparent pricing, it made it easier for us to buy durians.

My first encounter for the season was Ah Seng Durian’s MSW durian. It was followed by MSW durian from a neighboring stall of Combat Durian as the queue for Combat was way too long. We paid $22 for a 1.2kg durian (the rate was $18 per Kg for MSW). There were 6 seeds.

Subsequent attempts to “book” durian was tricky because of how busy the lines were. We were introduced to Durian Tree ($15 per Kg for MSW). Having called in advance to reserve, Mr H got a 2.5kg MSW for $37.50. There were 16 seeds which was pretty reasonably priced in my opinion. 
Through this episode, I also found out that Z liked to eat durian too! He had earlier claimed to dislike durian. Such a funny boy he was.

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