Jubilee weekend Day 2

We were a tad disorientated from the previous day. It was so hectic and we had gotten home at 11pm. The kids were beat but X still woke up early. 

Morning scribbles  

Z only crawled out of bed at 10am. We spent a lazy morning witn slow breakfast and watching old movies. We only got out for a lunch date at my friend’s place. The boys had a glorious time playing in the pool for nearly 3 hours alongside with lunch.

Thrilled with the slide 

Yummy food  

Healthy grill

Post lunch, we picked up my #sg50 macarons. We were supposed to go Gardens By the bay east for Z’s rollerblading class but we were concerned about the possible crowd. Hence, we decided to skip the class and let Z practiced at home.

Z’s practice which lasted a mere 15min which turned into a play date   

We had a dinner date with friends and they brought their kids over to play while the daddies watched Man U’s first game of the season. We succeeded in getting the kids to sleep at 10pm so that I could join my friends for Mambo Jambo at Zouk! 

Woo hoo… My first mambo was almost half my lifetime ago!

With friends who wanted to relive the nostalgia   

It was so crowded that we waited very long for these babies

We partied till 4am and finally had to head home, despite the awesome Mambo music at the end. I could not speak the same for the techno Titanic song though.

What I thought was hilarious were the number of ‘Merlions’ spotted.

Very apt comic! 

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